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My name is Attila and I was born in Transylvania. I have been doing custom metal work since 2003 and I absolutely love and enjoy every bit of it. I work with all metals, my favorite being copper but also steel, stainless steel, brass, zink, aluminum, bronze, iron, galvanized, painted metals... I completed a decade of art school and I am looking to fuse as many artistic accents into my metal work as possible. I call it "architectural jewelry".​
Copper is the ultimate benchmark of any prestigious building throughout time. Its lifespan is measured in centuries, it will not fade, but will protect itself with a unique color from further oxidation. Properly installed, it will remain basically maintenance free. The elegant, timeless beauty of copper combined with its legendary longevity makes it a wonderful investment. I fabricate ornamental interior and exterior hand crafted copper accents for your home and garden: Caps, Fireplace Covers, Repousse, Kitchen Exhaust Hoods, Counter-tops, Lamp Shades, Roofing Components, Gutters, Flashing, Chimneys, Various Patinas, etc... I can fabricate nearly any item that you can dream up. Please feel free to test me :o)
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