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I have completed nearly 10 years of art school and after doing over a decade of metal work, in 2012 it has finally dawned on me what art form I will practice to express myself in a personal way. Repousse is not a new form of art, it has been around for thousands of years. I decided to elevate it to new grounds by creating "grand", colorful, realistic, rustic and modern, detailed, stunning, very unique pieces, that the world has not seen before. Copper is a fascinating material, which I totally identify myself with, that is close to me for unexplainable reasons. I love shaping and forming it to my imagination. Several pieces have been completed and lots are in progress. The creative process in my mind is ongoing and new ones are already born, they just have to be realized. Each piece takes months to complete but truly, it takes years. Custom, personalized pieces are available and up for discussion at any time. Your dreams are just around the corner for my hands to make it a reality. Please dare to challenge me.  

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