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Custom Architectural & Ornamental Metal & Sheet Metal Fabrication


Ornamental interior and exterior, creative and practical hand crafted, hammered patinad copper accents for your home and garden. A touch of beauty of the old world to your home that complements and enhances your architectural and building ideas.​ The existence of sheet metal work has been essential to human civilization. May it have been cups, pitchers, lavatories, buckets, soldier armor, helmets... Today sheet metal is utilized anywhere from tin cans to the automotive industry to space ships... to more personal things like our kitchen accessories and as decorative art... When we say sheet metal work in construction it usually refers to heating-ventilating-air conditioning. How practical to box air in, to get it from one point to another. But there is also Custom Sheet Metal Work. And here the possibilities are endless... it could be Gutters, Caps, Roofing Components, Flashing  Chimneys  Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems, Interiors Designs, Decorative Exterior Siding, Kitchen Exhaust Hoods, Counter tops, Lamp Shades... and the list is just as long as your imagination can take You...

Sheet Metal is a very PRACTICAL and DECORATIVE way to reinforce and protect your house against the unrelenting elements of nature. Its a craftsmanship I like to practice because the unique objects I leave behind that will most likely outlast their purposeful existence. Enjoy...




​Outside practical and beautiful decorative elements that enhance and protect your home from the harsh elements of mother nature. I like to call these products architectural jewelry. 

Counter tops, fire places, kitchen exhaust hoods, light sconces, door panels, and all other decorative components that make your home more beautiful and artistic.

​​​All manufactured products can have artistic accents, and furthermore there is metal art as well. May it be an ever lasting rose or a large size repousee, I am all for making a special piece just for You.

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